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Financial Aid For Rare Diseases Like Angiosarcoma

We’ve noticed lately that, much like those seeking alternative cancer treatments, an increasing number of people with rare diseases are using GiveForward to raise money for their often-higher medical costs.


This actually isn’t too surprising because we recently learned that roughly 25 million Americans are living with rare diseases. Most people have probably never heard of these ailments and thus don’t even think to help because they aren’t aware that their help is needed. We are very excited by the indication that we might be able to help bridge this gap, however.

We currently have people fundraising for: a woman undergoing treatment for angiosarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer; a woman undergoing treatment for hemangiopericytoma, another rare type of cancerous tumor; and a 2-year-old undergoing brain surgery as a result of complications brought on by Sturge-Weber Syndrome.

It’s good to see these folks getting the help they need, and it’s also nice to see an increased awareness – even if just around this office – with regards to these rare diseases.

If you have a rare disease (or you know anyone who does) and you want to help get the word out, email a little bit of information to

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