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Fighting Cancer Around the World

The battle began in Berkeley California, progressed to Skokie Illinois and will hopefully end in Germany. Her name is Maria Grayson-Metaxas, and she was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in January 2010.

The Metaxas family is full of fighters – they will not sit still and will not take no for an answer. Unfortunately, the experimental treatments that they are pursuing are not covered under insurance – so as they moved their entire family from the west coast to the midwest to enter treatment at the block center, where they began their GiveForward page Conspiring to Heal Fund 4 Maria.

They have raised over $7,000 and are hoping that they hit both the financial goals, but more importantly Maria needs to see her tumors reduced by 50% in order to be accepted into the German program where they will filter her blood – which could dramatically prolong her life and improve her quality of life.

The entire GiveForward team is sending positive vibes to Maria, her husband Van and their 8 year old son Satchi. They truly are troopers in this battle against cancer.

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