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Fathers Day: Honoring our Everyday Heroes

Every year when Fathers Day comes around, finding a gift for dad can be the most stressful decision of all. Tie? Breakfast in bed? Jelly of the Month Club? It can be hard to find the right way to honor a man who serves as the backbone of a family, who can recite what every tool in the toolbox is used for, and who always knows the right answer to a question, all while remaining humble enough to never need the recognition that he is largely to blame for shaping you into the person you are today.

This Fathers Day, we are highlighting a couple stories that display the true gift of giving back to a man who has selflessly done so much throughout his life for his family and those around him.


Oren MillerOren Miller is a pretty well known guy– esteemed writer across many well-known outlets like Huffington Post, Baltimore Sun, and Redbook; stay-at-home dad extraordinaire; and brave fighter of  stage 4 lung cancer. In 24 hours, his GiveForward page hit $15,000; an effort originally started by a fellow dad blogger to help his family come together for one last vacation to create lasting memories that Oren’s two children and wife will remember forever. The amount of support that the community of dad bloggers, close friends, and even strangers have rallied together to show Oren is almost as inspiring as the words that Oren has shared personally about his journey on his blog, A Blogger and a Father. Keep your tissue box handy.


Mamadou ‘Sav’ Savanè, owner of Sav’s Grill & West African Cuisine and Sav’s Chill, has been an icon in his Lexington, KY community for many years, and has racked up a few Yelp awards to go along with the die hard following of fans savfrom across the country. When an accident in the kitchen resulted in severe burns across 50% of his body, that same community stepped up and helped raise $50,000 on his GiveForward page in just a matter of days to help him get back on his feet. But Sav is more than just an amazing chef and restaurateur, as he also holds the titles of mentor and father to his three children. Just last month, Sav taught all of his secret family recipes to one of his sons, which at the time he didn’t know it would be the sole reason that his two restaurants are able to stay open in his absence through his recovery, and keep their family worry-free.


Do you know a father who is an everyday hero that could use this kind of support and encouragement through a tough time? Start a GiveForward page and give him best gift of all this year.

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