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The Faces of Cancer

Cancer is more than a horrible disease. Cancer is the faces of those who have won the fight, who continue to fight, and who have lost the fight. The faces of cancer are those who remind us how strong people are regardless of what they are facing. They are the ones that put cancer on the map as a disease that NEEDS to be cured. These people pave the way and inspire others to keep fighting as well. The following pictures are of the amazing fighters who give their all to beat this terrible sickness. Their names  are in the color of the cancer they are fighting, and you can learn more about these faces of cancer and see their stories by clicking on their picture to view their GiveForward pages.

Jack, Neuroblastoma

Shanna, Uterine

Suzanne, Breast cancer

Zyan, Leukemia

Jason, Melanoma

Liam, Hodgkins Lymphoma

Sherri, Breast Cancer

Grayson, Lymphoblastic leukemia

Ray, brain cancer


Cancer is a horrible disease that, unfortunately, affects many people. If you have a friend, family, or another loved one that has cancer, you can check out our How To’s page for information on how to help a friend with cancer, how to feel when a sibling has cancer, and more!

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