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#EthansNotAlone Against Mental Illness


Ethan, 13, is struggling with mental illness. He has bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD, and autism.

According to his family, Ethan’s one of the most severe mental illness cases his doctors have ever seen. One doctor even noted that “of all the difficult cases, Ethan is not only in the 1%, but in the 1% of that 1%.”

To keep Ethan and his family safe, he’s currently living in a residential treatment center. This means Ethan’s miles away from his home, friends, school, parents, and little sister, Brecklin.

Understandably, Ethan feels lonely, isolated, and frustrated.

Ethan’s parents created a GiveForward page and showed it to him during a visit. He responded in disbelief: “Other people care about me?”

In that spirit, let’s show Ethan how much we care. Post a virtual hug on his page to let him know he’s not alone in his fight against mental illness. Share your location, too — Ethan’s hoping for hugs from all 50 states!

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