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Emily’s Leukemia Story (Part 2)

In Part 1 of Emily’s Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia story, we heard about what the journey has been like from her point of view. In Part 2, we hear from Emily’s older sister, Kristen, who organized Emily’s fundraising page.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.05.29 PMWe asked Kristen to share with us about her background and relationship with Emily.

“Emily is my younger sister. I am 13 years older then her so we didn’t necessarily grow up together, but she is the world to me and I will do anything for her. When I heard her diagnosis I was heartbroken and scared. I also felt absolutely helpless. My husband and I live over 2000 miles away, so we decided to jump in the car and drive out to be closer to her to help support her.”

Kristen was inspired to create a GiveForward community fundraising page for her sister Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.05.40 PMfor many different reasons that all begin with love. Medical expenses can definitely be a huge worry, and on top of all the other things going on, Kristen didn’t want Emily to have to worry about money.

“Emily is just starting her life, and this has caused a huge disruption in her life goals. She is so young, and even without this setback already has a lot on her plate. We didn’t want her and her boyfriend Elijah stressing and worrying about all of their day to day living expenses. The important thing right now is for them to focus on Emily getting better.”

yi6jyicjwajx6zccz6qzWhen asked about hardships faced as the organizer, Kristen had no complaints. “There have honestly been no hardships at all that I have faced as the organizer of this page. It was super simple to create, and the amount of support that has come through has been very heartwarming.”

For anyone who wants to create a GiveForward page for their loved one, Kristen said, “My advice for anyone trying to create a page is to not underestimate the caring and giving spirit of friends and family that it will reach.” Support for Emily poured in from friends, family, family friends, friends of family, etc.

If she could tell others one thing about supporting her sister and supporting people in general, she would say, “Although it is hard to ask for help, do not to be afraid to ask. There are so many more important things that need to focused on. GiveForward has Emily's Leukemia Story part 2given all of us the ability to focus on Emily and her battle she has ahead of her.”

“I was expecting to see support and donations, but I was absolutely blown away by the sheer number of people that have reached out and shared the page. I have learned that Emily is not fighting this battle alone.” Through GiveForward, Kristen and Emily were able to see their community of support at work. Even during Emily’s tough battle, she’ll always have her sister Kristen by her side.

To learn more and stay updated on Emily’s Leukemia Story, you can visit her GiveForward community fundraising page here.

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