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Debbie’s Cancer Battle

Debbie’s cancer battle has been a long one. Debbie was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer, Goblet Cell Carcinoma, over 5 years ago. In the last 4 1/2 years, Debbie has had countless chemo treatments and surgeries in hopes that she can keep her cancer at bay.

Recently, Debbie became a candidate for a new treatment through The Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research (GIOSTAR) that has over $800 million in immune cell cancer research. Debbie and her family hope that GIOSTAR would be able to provide treatment and protocol for cancer using immune cell therapy in the one of the licensed Mexico hospitals.

cs88gucsyxv9dgutifuqAs you can imagine, fighting cancer for such a long period of time is draining, but Debbie doesn’t believe in giving up! Jay, Debbie’s brother-in-law, helped create a GiveForward community fundraising page to help ease the financial burdens.

When asked about his relationship with Debbie and why he decided to create a page for her Jay said, “I am Debbie’s brother-in-law, our families are very close.  My brother, her husband, has always been one of my best friends, so anything that hurts him hurts me.  I was devastated at the diagnosis especially finding it to be a goblet cell carcinoma, very rare and not a lot of treatments known.Celebrating with Debbie

After watching Debbie battle for 4 1/2 years with chemo treatments and their side effects without any sign of the cancer going away or even being in remission.  I learned about the immune cell therapy offered by GIOSTAR in India and then talked with Dr Anand Srivastava, finding out that it would soon be offered in Mexico. I thought if we could get the funds there might be hope that Debbie could have a better life. Maybe not totally cured, although we do pray for that, but certainly better than where she is now.

debbie's cancer battleBecause it was Jay’s first time using an online fundraising site, he feared that it would be difficult but soon realized the opposite was true.  “This was my first time posting anything on a crowdfunding site, so there were many unknowns. I have to say the folks at GiveForward have been helpful with messages of how to be more effective in my posting.” He also mentioned his appreciation for the many fundraising tips that GiveForward sends to organizers as it helped walk him through how to be a better Team Captain!

If he could give advice to others trying to create a page for their loved one, he’d tell them to “Just do it.”

“Being a family member, you can certainly tell the story. And it doesn’t take but a few minutes a day to keep the posting fresh news or to email family members asking them to give and share. So many people want to help, we are just giving them a chance.

It is really pretty easy, just follow [GiveForward’s] helpful hints and instructions and you will get your message out to many people that want to help.  They just don’t know the situation and you are helping Emilys ALL (2)them.”

Where there’s a will, there’s a way; determination can definitely help overcome obstacles. And Jay has high expectations that GiveForward will help raise the funds needed to get Debbie the treatment she so desperately needs.

“I was pleasantly surprised by a phone call I received from someone wanting to know more about Debbie’s condition and wanting to help. People that I had not heard from for years, wanting to help. GiveForward made it possible to connect the need with those that want to give.

For more updates and to follow Debbie’s Cancer Battle, check out her GiveForward community fundraising page here.


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