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Dave’s Severe Heart Attack Story

Dave and Amy Yang

Dave is a caddie on the LPGA tour for the #8 player in the world, Amy Yang. Amy was preparing to travel to Rio for the Olympics to represent her home, South Korea, and Dave was to go with her to caddie for her. His heart attack occurred at a heartbreaking time, and Dave’s brother, John, shared with us some of his severe heart attack story. “Dave is my older brother and he is one of the most generous and sacrificial people I have ever met. As his “baby” brother, he has always been there to help me, encourage me and bless me, often when I didn’t expect it. The trial he is going through is an opportunity for many of us to give back to Dave what he has already “given forward” to us.”

When something this shocking happens, finding out about it can be mind-numbing. John shared, “I got a call from my parents Monday morning saying that Dave had experienced a major heart attack at 3am and was rushed to the emergency room. While in the ER he completely arrested, and CPR was required to revive him. A CPR intervention is only successful about 7% of the time so I was incredibly grateful and relieved to know he was alive, but still anxious about him making a full recovery.”

Going through something this serious with someone you love can be hard for everyone, and John shared with us some of the hardships he deals with, “The uncertainty of the future has been the most difficult part. First, the future of his health has been a moment by moment, day to day, challenge. However, the fears of growing medical bills, being out of work and uncertainty about his career future are constant concerns as well.”

So, how do you deal with this? How do you overcome these fears and stay positive for yourself, and your loved one? John advised, “Our faith that God cares, he loves Dave, and is in control has been our greatest strength. I continue to remind myself, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6. My advice to anyone else in this situation would be to allow this moment to help you grow closer to God. Don’t be afraid to reach out, even if you haven’t been in a close relationship with Him. I believe that God uses moments like this to help us refocus and to reveal Himself to us. We should take advantage of them.”

Support is also an important part to dealing with situations like Dave’s. John opened up about the support that he, Dave, and their family have received throughout this time, “The financial support coming through GiveForward has been comforting, overwhelming and humbling. The money is a blessing, and much needed, but the kind words of encouragement and love are just as important to someone going through a trial. I’m truly grateful that the page was so easy to set up and network with social medial. Within minutes the money started coming in. The doctors recommended Dave wear a “LifeVest” to help him in the event of another episode. The cost of the vest is $3,000 a month and they recommended 3 months, which was overwhelming financially. Within hours of launching our GiveForward page, the cost of the LifeVest was totally covered! Dave can discharge from the hospital wearing the vest and not stressing over how it will be paid for.”

Finally, we asked John to share one of the kindest things someone has done during a difficult time and he shared “The outpouring of support from the professional golf world has been incredible. LPGA tour commissioner Michael Whan called Dave’s hospital room from the British Open and PGA pro Ricki Fowler retweeted the GiveForward page to over a million of his followers. The messages of encouragement from around the world have been amazing.”

If you would like to learn more about Dave’s recovery, you can check out his GiveForward page here!

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