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Coaches share 7 ways to give during life events

There are many ways to give when someone you love is facing a challenge. Every day, GiveForward Coaches hear stories about the amazing things communities are doing to support the people they care about.

Here are the top 7 ways to give we’ve seen on GiveForward:

circleadrienne#1 – Jenny Stevens is a wife, mother of five, and doula who has pancreatic cancer. As Jenny tries to focus 100% on healing, emotional support from friends and family keeps her motivated. Cancer can make someone like Jenny feel very isolated, so she ‘cherishes prayers, positive words, thoughts, and words of hope and healing.” -Adrienne P.

circleerica#2 – “While Mateo Bonilla and his parents traveled for his treatments, Mateo’s community came together to help with childcare for his younger brother. Families’ lives and routines are put on hold during major life events. That’s why helping take care of day-to-day tasks, like cleaning or walking the dog goes a long way.” -Erica A.

rsz_circlechantericka#3 – The Luton family lost their home and everything in it to a fire in January 2014. In the wake of a disaster like a house fire, families are rebuilding their lives while grieving for what they’ve lost. The Lutons’ friends and family gave useful items by holding clothing drives to replace clothing, furniture, and other possessions.” -Chantericka T.

Katie F.#4 – Danielle Convery faced a mastectomy and breast cancer treatments last winter. Because cancer forced Danielle to spend time away from home and her three energetic sons, her community decided to coordinate meals for her family. These meal deliveries helped take stress off Danielle’s plate during a challenging time.” -Katie F. 

Michael P.#5 – David Sanges is fighting leukemia and undergoing a bone marrow transplant this month. David’s daughters are selling “Fight Like Hell” t-shirts and bracelets to support their dad. Clothing and accessories customized for a cause not only help raise money, but can start public conversations about the person you’re supporting.” -Michael P.

Elyse B.#6 – Lorraine O’Neal is a dance instructor who was diagnosed with breast cancer last July. Lorraine’s friends and co-workers at Century Ballroom hosted “Dance Your Pants Off For Lorraine” fundraising event in her honor. This event let Lorraine’s community show off their talents, raise money for her expenses, and have some fun.” -Elyse B.

Kelli R.#7 – “After Winston Passley’s tragic and unexpected passing, his community is supporting his family with an online fundraiser. Winston worked seasonally on Nantucket Island so he could provide for his family in Jamaica. When a family like the Passleys suddenly loses its main provider, financial help lets them grieve in peace.” -Kelli R.

This list of ways to give shows that any action you can take, big or little, monetary or not, makes a great impact.

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