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Christine’s Dreams Story

christine's dreamsChristine Keuler was recently diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of uterine cancer. Her good friend, Amy Kamarainen, helped start a GiveForward community fundraising page for her after finding out so that Christine’s dreams of going to New York could be fulfilled.

Amy wanted to be able to send Christine on a fun adventure to New York before her 18 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation begins. Christine has always wanted to go to New York City, so she can see a broadway production and see the other famous NYC spots. Amy tells us that when she heard about Christine’s diagnosis, she was “Shocked, nervous and scared for her.”

In fact, “Earlier this spring Christine lost her brother to lung cancer. It was a total surprise. He was a triathlete, never smoked, very conscious of what he ate, and without notice was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and shortly there after, passed away. So to have Christine diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer just a few months later, it was quite shocking.”

chrisAmy knows Christine because of their shared interest in performing arts.

“I became acquainted with Christine when she auditioned for a play I was directing. I cast her in the show and she was fantastic. Since then our friendship has grown and she has alway been such an upbeat and positive individual. She is now on the board of the theater company we volunteer with. She is always willing to help out with our shows and doing whatever it takes to help bring the show together.”

Amy was inspired you to create this GiveForward community fundraising page because she wants to help Christine’s dreams come true.

Christine is always helping out and doing things for others. I wanted to help give her a fun adventure before she embarks on 18-20 weeks of being miserable. She deserves it more than anyone. I wanted to do what I could to help make her wish of going to New York a reality.”

As the team captain and organizer of Christine’s GiveForward page, Amy says the biggest challenge is simply getting people to give. She is truly hoping “to be able to help a good friend create some fun and exciting memories that can help to carry her through the next 18-20 weeks.”

I would say the hardest thing is getting people to give. It always is. I just wish people would realize that if everyone our campaign touches gave just $5.00 – we would reach our goal in no time.

She would advise others trying to start a page for their loved one to increase the reach of the fundraiser as chris2fast as possible! “I would say – get buy in from as many family members as possible. The more people involved, the more the message will get out to those who can help. Keep your message as short as possible. If it rambles on, people will lose interest before the story even gets to what the message is asking for.”

If she could tell others one thing about fundraising, GiveForward, and supporting her friend, she would simply say, “Pay It Forward, good karma, what goes around comes around and all the other good things that go along with helping someone. Even if you can only give $5.00, the feeling you get from helping a loved one or even a stranger – there is nothing like it!

To read more about Christine’s dreams of going to New York and keep up with her fundraiser, check here.

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