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How Chris Pratt is #helpingjoehenson on Twitter

During the peak of his Guardians of the Galaxy promotion this past summer, Chris Pratt paused to promote something else on Facebook—Joe Henson’s GiveForward Fundraiser, Fear Isn’t Real. More recently, amid his busy Saturday Night Live schedule, Chris Pratt helped Joe and his Fundraising Team boost their t-shirt sales through Twitter.

Joe Henson has similar interests and dreams to other 11-year-old boys: he plays soccer, enjoys video games like Call of Duty, and wants to be a Marine (like his uncle) when he grows up. Unlike others, however, Joe fights actual battles at a very young age. Joe lost his dad three years ago in a tragic car accident and now he’s fighting Medulloblastoma, a rare, aggressive brain cancer.

Joe has an amazing, extensive network of friends and family who are helping him beat cancer. From his creative cousins, Little Sister Band Bluegrass, who raised money by making music videos, to Matt Vergotis, who designed the Fundraiser’s Fear Isn’t Real t-shirts, they’ve successfully applied their community’s connections and talents to their fundraising efforts online.

To sell their tees, Joe’s Fundraising Team created a page on Booster. Next, they leveraged a connection with Chris Pratt to get him involved in the sales. Chris Pratt challenged his Twitter followers to take selfies in Fear Isn’t Real tees with the promise of retweeting their photos to his 863k+ Followers. To date, Joe’s Team generated nearly 200 Tweets and raised $13,560!: pratt blog 1

We want to extend a special thank you to Chris Pratt for using his status and fanbase for good. We’re inspired by his motives to gather additional excitement for Fear Isn’t Real and, most importantly, help a deserving young man like Joe beat brain cancer!

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