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ChipIn Logo Closing in March

ChipIn (also known as has been a wonderful website and resource for many. While ChipIn’s technology has helped numerous folks easily collect funds from friends and family, the company announced that it would be closing its doors on March 7, 2013.  At this time, ChipIn will no longer be taking any additional online fundraisers or allow users to create ChipIn accounts.

If you’re a former user interested in a ChipIn alternative or considering starting a fundraiser to raise money from friends and family, we’d love the opportunity to help.

We’d Like to Help

Since GiveForward’s humble beginnings in late 2008, we’ve helped thousands of families raise millions of dollars for medical expenses. Aside from raising money for medical bills, we’ve also had plenty of people use our site to fundraise for funerals or memorials as well as pet medical expenses.

A screencap of the GiveForward widget

Just as ChipIn gave its users a trusty donation widget, GiveForward also equips all fundraisers with a donation widget similar to the ChipIn widget. This way, anyone who visits your fundraising page can also embed a fundraising widget on his or her website or blog. Embedding our donation widget is an excellent way to cast a wider net and build more awareness for your fundraising effort.

In addition to our fundraising pages that integrate seamlessly with email and social media as well as our fast and secure donation process, we also have a full staff of fundraising coaches here to help you navigate the fundraising process. From tips that have helped previous fundraisers raise tens of thousands of dollars to helping with the setup of your fundraising page, they’ll be eager to make sure your fundraiser becomes a wild success.

If you’re looking for a ChipIn alternative, we’d invite you to browse around our website. If you have any questions or you think we might be a good fit for your needs, don’t hesitate to let us know. Happy fundraising!




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