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Jen faces chemo with superhero spirit

Posted on 10/29/2015 by admin

Jen Drew-Young didn’t wait until Halloween to dress up this year — she comes costumed to every chemo treatment. Jen grew up as a gifted athlete who excelled in every sport. But 18 years ago, her body started rebelling. Today, she has trouble standing without pain, and the simple joys of talking and laughing make... Read more

These preemie triplets are defying all odds

Posted on 10/28/2015 by admin

On Thursday, October 8th, the Blake Triplets made a very early debut. Andrew, the smallest triplet, wasn’t moving and his amniotic fluid was almost gone. His parents, Adam and Lauren, made the difficult decision to go into delivery despite the risks involved. Within the next hour, Andrew, his identical twin brother, Beau, and their sister,... Read more

Friday Roundup: Top #GiveForward Moments of the Week of October 16, 2015

Posted on 10/16/2015 by admin

Every day, communities come together on GiveForward to give and receive meaningful support. These awesome moments touched our hearts this week and reminded us that no one should ever face life’s challenges alone. 1. Ireland celebrates her heart birthday! After over 140 days of waiting, seven-year-old Ireland Larson got her new heart on October 11th. Before her transplant,... Read more

Michelle shares cancer journey with “One Way” film

Posted on 10/16/2015 by admin

“My life has been narrowed down to a pinpoint of what’s important. And I can name it on one hand.” Michelle Grinsel is a devoted wife and mother of two who lives in California. She cherishes moments spent with her family, especially when they’re outdoors together. Even though family and nature were always important to... Read more

Communities rally after South Carolina flooding

Posted on 10/9/2015 by admin

According to CNN, last weekend’s South Carolina flooding brought record rainfalls of as much as 20 inches fell in some parts of the state. One of the towns hit hardest was Summerville, South Carolina. Summerville residents Colleen and Martin Kratz manage Springview Academy. Springview is a small business that provides childcare and preschooling to children... Read more

Lila May has a one of a kind birthday party

Posted on 8/19/2015 by admin

Lila May’s fifth birthday party had much of what you’d expect: birthday cake, princess-themed decor, and pastel balloons. But weeks before her birthday, Lila May’s doctors told her parents some heartbreaking news: Lila May, who has been battling neuroblastoma since she was two, is no longer able to receive treatments. Doctors don’t expect Lila May... Read more

#EthansNotAlone Against Mental Illness

Posted on 7/30/2015 by admin

Ethan, 13, is struggling with mental illness. He has bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD, and autism. According to his family, Ethan’s one of the most severe mental illness cases his doctors have ever seen. One doctor even noted that “of all the difficult cases, Ethan is not only in the 1%, but in the 1% of that... Read more

Coping with Terminal Cancer

Posted on 5/26/2015 by admin

On February 21st, 2014, Tracy DeBarmore Dorame learned she has terminal cancer: grade 4 glioblastoma. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, glioblastoma “is a devastating brain cancer that typically results in death in the first 15 months after diagnosis.” 16 months after this tragic diagnosis, Tracy’s still fighting. Even though she’s outlived her initial prognosis, she... Read more

Do You Treat a Cancer Survivor Differently?

Posted on 4/9/2015 by admin

People react strongly when friends experience major life events. You see this phenomenon whenever someone posts an engagement ring photo on Facebook. Regardless of its carats or cut, a diamond unleashes a flood of Likes, Congrats, and Sooooo Happy for Yous! But how do you react to a cancer survivor? Obviously, engagements and cancer diagnoses... Read more

Autism Awareness Month

Posted on 4/3/2015 by admin

Autism Awareness Month is in full effect at GiveForward. Yesterday, our team was decked out in blue to recognize World Autism Awareness Day. You probably saw Niagara Falls and the Empire State Building turned blue, too. But what does all this bluish awareness really do for autism? Autism Awareness Month provides a voice for kids... Read more

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