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Fund raise: 3 New Ways to Share Your Fundraiser

Posted on 9/27/2012 by admin

Fund raising is easier when your community helps to share your story.  But how do you get your fundraiser in front of the right audiance? Here are 3 tips for getting your fundraiser in front of a larger audience. 1)     Start Local: Small and local media channels are a great first contact. These smaller stations... Read more

Help After House Fire

Posted on 6/20/2012 by admin

Assistance after a house fire can take a long time, and rarely provide adequate help.  Mark and Leslie Wharton know this far too well.  The two carpenters literally built a home together 19 years ago near Fort Collins, Colorado. They lived there happily, kayaking, climbing and hiking, until a recent fire took their home.  “We built... Read more

How to Help a Friend With Cancer

Posted on 6/18/2012 by admin

Oftentimes the most valuable thing you can offer a friend battling cancer is your friendship- simply being present can be an extraordinary gift and provide those facing the illness new found comfort. Below is amazing advice on “how to help a friend with cancer” from cancer survivor Elise Silverfield. In Elise’s own words, “I am... Read more

Fundraising on Facebook: How to Raise Money Using Facebook Groups

Posted on 8/10/2010 by admin

One of the best ways to spread the word about your online fundraising page is to create a Facebook group where you can quickly share information among friends and ask people to donate. The bigger your Facebook group, the more potential donors you have. So here's a useful tip on how to get lots of people to join your Facebook group. Step 1. Find a donor ahead of time willing to match up to $500, $1000 or some similar amount. If you don't have a single donor willing to contribute this amount, try asking 5 friends to each donate $200 and pool the money for a total of $1000. Read more

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