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Model with a Mission Inspiring Other Amputee Women

Posted on 6/11/2014 by admin

Last year, I had the gift of being the Fundraising Coach for an amazing fundraiser and part of a story that has since touched the lives of many other amputee women who have been through the life changing experience of losing a limb and fighting the odds to find their way back to normal. Marina... Read more

The Sad Truth of Charity Fraud: How to Verify Before Giving

Posted on 12/8/2012 by admin

Barbara Spinelli loves writing about the changing trends in business, finance and politics.  She shared with us, how to verify a legitimate charity before you donate. The holidays are a time when family and friends gather, exchange gifts, reminisce and sometimes offer aid and assistance to those who are in need. Unfortunately, there are scammers... Read more

Fundraising Tip #21: How to Throw a Kick @$$ House Party

Posted on 6/26/2009 by admin

This week's post comes from Morrie Warshawski, author The Fundraising Houseparty: How to Party with a Purpose and Raise Money for Your Cause. PARTY PARTY PARTY! Forward thinking GiveForward members realize that online fundraising is just one part of a comprehensive fundraising effort. One other very flexible and powerful tool for soliciting support from individuals is the increasingly popular fundraising houseparty. Houseparties are a perfect way to get people excited and energized around your project/cause, and often form the beginning of relationships with individuals who you hope will become major donors online and/or offline. Read more

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