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Fundraising Bootcamp

The Super-Awesome Strategic Fundraising Model: a modestly named guide to developing a successful online fundraising campaign.

Posted on 8/30/2008 by Ethan Austin

If you read “The Three Ps to Successful Fundraising“, you probably already know that spreading the word to friends and family about your fundraising effort is critical to reaching your fundraising goal. But what you might not know is that there is a right way and a wrong way to spread the word to your... Read more

The Three Ps For Successful Fundraising: Personalization, Promotion, Persistence (Part III)

Posted on 8/27/2008 by Ethan Austin

Persistence Okay, so quick review. In the first two sections we discussed the importance of personalization and promotion. The last thing you need to remember on your path to becoming a fundraiser rock star extraordinaire is that persistence pays off. It’s rare that people donate immediately after your first email or phone request. Don’t get... Read more

The Three Ps For Successful Fundraising: Personalization, Promotion, Persistence (Part II)

Posted on 8/26/2008 by Ethan Austin

Promote! Promote! Promote! Once you’ve created a fundraising page that you are really proud of, you’re ready for step two: promoting the heck out of it. It’s important to remember that just because your fundraising page is up on the web, it doesn’t automatically mean thousands of people are going to open up their wallets... Read more

The Three Ps For Successful Fundraising: Personalization, Promotion, Persistence.

Posted on 8/25/2008 by Ethan Austin

OK, so I assume you’re reading this because you want to raise lots of money for your fundraising event. But you’re probably not exactly sure how to go about doing it. Well, if you already signed up to get a personal fundraising page, you’re off to a great start. But I’d be lying to you... Read more

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