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Fundraising Tips

Coaches share 7 ways to give during life events

Posted on 9/14/2015 by admin

There are many ways to give when someone you love is facing a challenge. Every day, GiveForward Coaches hear stories about the amazing things communities are doing to support the people they care about. Here are the top 7 ways to give we’ve seen on GiveForward: #1 – “Jenny Stevens is a wife, mother of five,... Read more

Five tips for collecting great silent auction items

Posted on 8/28/2015 by admin

A silent auction is a great way to raise money for someone you love who’s facing a challenge. But procuring items for a silent auction can be hard; most people don’t have Cubs tickets or baskets of wine and truffles lying around. That’s why Zach Hagopian of Accelevents, a mobile bidding system for silent auctions and... Read more

Los “10 mejores” estrategias de recaudar fondos

Posted on 8/5/2015 by admin

  Las diez mejores cosas que usted puede hacer para recaudar fondos para un ser cuerido. (This post is a translation of Our Top Ten Fundraising Tips). 1. Personalice su página de recaudación de fondos con una descripción sincera y fotos personales. La mayoría las recaudaciones de fondos que hacen lo mejor son los que realmente... Read more

Acknowledge your Donors

Posted on 3/9/2015 by admin

As many of you know from reading Leveraging Social Media and/or from personal experience, social media can be an extremely powerful fundraising tool. This is especially true for acknowledging your donors. As your GiveForward fundraising page starts receiving donations, you can tag each new donor and thank them through your Facebook account. Stay Classy calls... Read more

Celebrate #GivingTuesday with your Fundraiser

Posted on 11/24/2014 by admin

#GivingTuesday is December 2nd, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. In the wake of consumer-driven Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s a day dedicated to giving back (and forward, if you will). Obviously, the heart of this holiday resonates well with your GiveForward Fundraiser! On Giving Tuesday, we recommend taking these 3 steps to rally your community around your... Read more

Leveraging Social Media

Posted on 10/1/2014 by admin

One way to promote your page is by leveraging the many social media platforms and websites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and even email. Social media has become an integral part of much of our day-to-day lives. It connects people, places, and things. It is a really powerful tool to bring people together.... Read more

How a Soft Launch Can Give Your Fundraiser a Boost

Posted on 5/14/2014 by admin

Congratulations! You just published your GiveForward fundraiser and now you’re ready to email the link to everyone in your address book, including your sister’s dentist’s dog walker’s college roommate, right? Hold on there, partner. One of the best ways to give your fundraiser a leg-up is by conducting a soft launch. What is a soft... Read more

How to Write an Effective Fundraising Letter

Posted on 10/24/2013 by admin

When raising funds for medical expenses, getting donors on board can be a challenge. Today people are busier than ever, and given a more volatile economy, often reluctant when it comes to spending. That’s why it’s more important than ever to dig deep as you write your fundraising letter. Below are five tips when asking... Read more

Utilizing your Fundraising Team on GiveForward

Posted on 10/18/2013 by admin

  When it comes to raising money for a loved one in need, there is no limit to how many individuals can help rally the financial and emotional support it takes to get through a difficult time.  Here at GiveForward, we understand the power of a strong support system, which is why our fundraisers have... Read more

Online Garage Sale Fundraising

Posted on 6/14/2013 by admin

The Garage Sale Goes Virtual! Holding an online garage sale, as part of your fundraising, is the modern way to clean out your closets (basement, crawlspace, attic etc.) while also supporting a great cause. There are many benefits in doing so, especially because folks who buy items at garage sales, as well as on the... Read more

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