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Fundraising Tips

Utilizing your Fundraising Team on GiveForward

Posted on 10/18/2013 by Erica Alhorn

  When it comes to raising money for a loved one in need, there is no limit to how many individuals can help rally the financial and emotional support it takes to get through a difficult time.  Here at GiveForward, we understand the power of a strong support system, which is why our fundraisers have... Read more

Online Garage Sale Fundraising

Posted on 6/14/2013 by Erica Alhorn

The Garage Sale Goes Virtual! Holding an online garage sale, as part of your fundraising, is the modern way to clean out your closets (basement, crawlspace, attic etc.) while also supporting a great cause. There are many benefits in doing so, especially because folks who buy items at garage sales, as well as on the... Read more

All About PayPal

Posted on 4/12/2013 by Ashley

Enabling PayPal on your GiveForward fundraiser can help the beneficiary receive the funds faster.  Also, PayPal can make it easier for supporters to donate- especially on mobile phones. Imagine never having to dig out those credit cards again! Enabling PayPal is easy.  Follow this step-by-step guide to learn all about PayPal set-up. Step 1: Update... Read more

How to Start a Memorial Fundraiser

Posted on 1/23/2013 by Erica Alhorn

How to Start a Memorial Fundraiser: Step by Step Fundraising for Funeral Costs When someone we love passes away, focus is primarily put on expressing sympathy to their family, remembering their life, & memories, and supporting those who are affected by the tragedy, and it can be hard to face the reality of funeral burial... Read more

Update Your Fundraising Page!

Posted on 12/10/2012 by Kristine

Donors and supporters love to know how the beneficiary is doing and how your fundraiser has been progressing! A great way to keep everyone in-the-know is by adding an “Update” to your fundraising page! An “Update” is a place where you can tell everyone how the beneficiary is doing, or thank everyone at once for... Read more

Fundraising Plan: Plan an Event

Posted on 11/15/2012 by Ashley

A Fundraising Plan should include both online and offline efforts  Holding an offline  event can be a great way to rally the community & increase donations. Remember, include a link to your GiveForward page on all flyers, invitations, or websites where you promote the event. It is a great way to show other ways people can... Read more

How to Plan a Fundraising Event: Halloween Edition

Posted on 10/26/2012 by Erica Alhorn

Planning a fundraising event  is a great way to support a loved one in need, and when those fundraising efforts coincide with a holiday, it’s also a great reason to throw a Halloween themed fundraising event!  Many successful online fundraisers plan offline fundraising events, and use their GiveForward page to let those who cannot attend show their... Read more

How to Write Your Fundraising Details

Posted on 10/2/2012 by Ashley

After you have taken the time to determine your goal, take a moment to think about how to say it. Remember you will be sharing this page with family, friends, & others who may or may not know the full story.  Talk to the beneficiary, the person you are holding the fundraiser for, & see... Read more

Fund raise: 3 New Ways to Share Your Fundraiser

Posted on 9/27/2012 by Ashley

Fund raising is easier when your community helps to share your story.  But how do you get your fundraiser in front of the right audiance? Here are 3 tips for getting your fundraiser in front of a larger audience. 1)     Start Local: Small and local media channels are a great first contact. These smaller stations... Read more

How Long Should Your Fundraiser Last?

Posted on 9/26/2012 by Ashley

Today we discuss the length of a fundraiser and how this can optimize you online fundraiser.  Remember, all this week you can get our Free Fundraising Guide!  KISS: Keep it Short Silly Any runner knows you can’t sprint a marathon.   And here at GiveForward, we have found that having a shorter campaign can actually lead to a better... Read more

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