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WePay Donations

Posted on 1/28/2014 by admin

WePay Donations and GiveForward WePay Donations is a safe and secure payment service provider similar to PayPal or Amazon Payments.  GiveForward uses WePay as our payment provider so we can provide the very best user experience at the lowest cost possible.  Additionally by using WePay Donations, users are now able to withdrawal funds in real-time-... Read more

GiveForward Reviews

Posted on 2/15/2011 by admin

Raising money online is a concept that’s still relatively new, and given the scams and fraud we hear about (sadly all too often) in today’s rapidly evolving technological times, it’s no wonder people are skeptical of online fundraising despite its potential to positively impact so many. Since GiveForward’s humble start in late 2008, we’ve been... Read more

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