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Brett Fights Cervical Cancer Story

Brett and her daughter

Reactions are what defines us. How we react and deal with situations contributes to our motivation, drive, and overall outlook on the event occurring. So, how do you react to a cancer diagnosis? There is no right way. You just have to come to one conclusion at the end of your reaction – you have to want to fight. Brett is a single, twenty-nine year old mother who was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and she agreed to share with us her cervical cancer story. So, how did she react? “I was extremely scared and very angry. I was angry at myself…I was angry at the doctors, pretty much the whole world…I cried an entire day, then the next morning I woke up and was ready to fight,” Brett shared. Brett grieved, and cried, and let out all of her emotions in a healthy way, and then she prepared herself to fight. Her reaction defines her as a fighter, and as someone who is strong in the face of a disease that demands so much physically and mentally. Brett is a fighter.

All fighters have hardships when facing their battles. With cancer, hardships can sometimes come in an abundance unfortunately. Brett shared with us her hardships, “Fear. The fear of the unknown, and trusting that what my body is telling me to do is the right thing. You have so many people and so many articles that you read and you start to question what is right and wrong.” Fear is a powerful thing, and it can cause a lot of stress when someone is going through something like cancer. Letting out that fear and stress is important in order to stay healthy mentally, and physically. If you don’t already have a healthy outlet for stress, you can try one of these simple ways from our stress relief page.

In addition to relieving your stress, support is vital. You shouldn’t be going through this alone, it doesn’t matter who your support is, you need to find them. Whether it’s friends, family, church, or even a cancer support group, these people need to be people you can turn to and count on to be there when you need them most. Brett share with us who her support is, “My mom has been my strength and support this entire time. I know she’s tired, but she fights right alongside with me. My daughter who is only six years old, but amazing in her wisdom, she is so funny has helped to keep me grounded.  My Pappa (Grandpa), what an amazing man, his love and support are so important. My Uncle Rock who allows my aunt (his wife) just to ‘go and help’ when I called for help. A lot more of my family and friends have been there for me 100% and it’s nice to have that.”

We asked Brett what one of the best things that anyone had ever done for her during her tough time. It’s interesting and amazing to see how people stand up and come to support you in your greatest time of need. Brett shared, “There has been so much love and support from everyone you come in contact with and tell your story. The amount of people who have donated to help pay for treatments is unbelievable. People who help with my daughter while I was in treatments or helping my mom with dinner. Little things like that…it means the world to people going through this situation. I know that at any time I can call someone and they would drop what they are doing to help. It’s truly amazing to know you have that kind of support.”

Motivation to fight can also be found through inspirational quotes. Words to live by and that mean something strongly to us can drive us to work our hardest. Some of the quotes that Brett follows, she shared with us, “’There’s no such thing as giving up when you have someone calling you mommy’ that quote helps me tremendously. My daughter is my strength and what keeps me fighting every day. When I would have a bad day I would either watch Disney movies or listen to Disney songs because that’s my happy place. So find something that makes you happy and make sure you do that. I would also go on to YouTube and watch videos from Chris beat cancer. Those videos are so inspiring…to hear stories from people who are going through or went through the same path that I was on and won the battle.  Just keep swimming.”

In addition to her quotes, Brett provided us with some advice to others to help them with their journeys facing cancer. “Your body can heal itself if you give it the right tools. Make sure to always remember that this journey is a learning experience. So take everything that comes with any disease and learn from it. Also make it about you. Take care of you, do things that make you happy and don’t worry about what everybody else thinks. Enjoy life to the fullest.  I always say I’m having fun with cancer. It has been my best teacher yet. When you get out of the fear base that they have engraved in our brains that cancer is a death sentence, then you can actually enjoy the journey.” Brett finds a way to see the good in everything, and her outlook is truly inspiring.

If you would like to learn more about Brett and her story, you can check out her GiveForward page here.

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