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Billy Ray Harris’s Honest and Inspiring Deed

Photo of Billy Ray Harris

This week we were blown away with hope and optimism when we learned about the story of Kansas City homeless man, Billy Ray Harris. Bill Krejci started a fundraiser for Billy Ray Harris where the headline reads, “Billy Ray Harris is a great man who could use some help.”

Krejci’s wife, Sarah Darling, crossed paths with Mr. Harris more than a week ago. Darling had given the man her loose change, when she accidentally and without knowing dropped her engagement ring into Billy Ray Harris’s cup. When she realized her ring was missing the following day, she revisited Billy Ray Harris on the same street, where he still had the ring and gladly returned it.

To date, the fundraiser has raised over $77,000. Equally as touching, Harris’s honest deed has not only brought him financial help; the media’s coverage also helped him connect with a brother in Texas, who he hasn’t seen in almost 30 years.

We often say GiveForward is so much more than a means of financial help. Additionally, it’s a platform that provides emotional support, creating unexpected joy for people when they need it most. Billy Ray Harris’s story is a perfect example of this, and we’re grateful to be a part of it.

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