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The Best Good Deeds

We asked "What was the best thing anyone has ever done for you?"

We asked people to share with us the most helpful thing anyone has ever done for them during a tough time. Some of the answers were super specific, and some were simple; all the answers were interesting and awesome to see how people are helping people! Want to check out some of these good deeds? Read on….

  • “As simple as it may sound….bringing over a home cooked meal and just being an ear.” – Jay
  • “Babysitting. Because there’s nothing like a few hours of sustained quiet to help sort a tough time out.” – Josh
  • “My friend and her husband took me out for one of the best nights I had ever had because I was crying, heartbroken, and depressed over some loser I was dating that blew me off on my birthday – She and her husband have really done a ton for me that I will always be grateful for” – Emily
  • “My top 2: taking time out to just be there so you’re not going through it alone. Also, constant encouragement that you c
    an get through the tough time – and not the Hallmark card quotes, but the stuff you need to hear!” – Marie
  • “One thing I appreciated most was someone who cut my lawn and kept an eye on my house after I relocated out of state (it took 16 months to sell the house)….Not havin to worry about the condition of the house while I was 1000 miles away was a huge relief” – Josh
  • “’Tell me what’s going on’ is amazing. Being able to just vent is sooooo helpful” – Sam
  • Never Underestimate a single moment of UNEXPECTED JOY“Told me they’ve felt that way too.” – Wyatt
  • “A good old fashioned round of drinks with friends. Mix in some laughs and snacks and usually I’m good as new.” – Blair
  • “I always try to remind people not to say ‘Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.’ Do say “On Tuesday or Thursday I would like to [insert thing you think they need here].” For example, when I really needed help moving, some awesome dudes just showed up with tape and extra boxes and said ‘We have two hours, where do we start?’ Offering options and time frames really helps keep the stress of of someone who probably already is super stressed” – Monika
  • “We have had so many wonderful things happen to us. My mom worked for the University of Oklahoma before she got sick [with cancer]. After her diagnosis we had such an outpouring of support from the staff and doctors there. They helped us financially, and emotionally through so much. There isn’t a better group of people on the planet than them. My dad has worked for American Airlines for the last twenty or so years, and, before my parents left for Arizona, the guys on base organized a fundraiser to raise money, and also gave my dad a lot of vacation time to use. I work for Rogers State University and last year several individuals in my office raised money for me to take my mom out and do things over Spring Break. I will seriously never forget those times. We had so much fun, and it was one of the last non-doctor related outings we have had together.” – Amy

As you can tell, it doesn’t have to be some big, grand gesture to make an impact on someone. People appreciate even the smallest of favors because they know that you were thinking of them!

Whose world will you change?