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Back to School

Remember that exceptional teacher you had as a kid?  The one that helped you learn your multiplication tables?  Made science interesting?  Or taught you lessons you used outside of the classroom?

Mrs. Mekalian was that exceptional teacher for a group of 3rd graders.  The students were devastated when they learned she had gotten sick and might not be returning to teach them.

Mrs. M had a bad case of double pneumonia,  and while in the hospital, she had developed a blood infection called sepsis.  The sepsis had caused severe damage to her body and doctors were forced to amputate all four limbs.

The 3rd grade class knew Mrs. M was a fighter and they knew they wanted to help get her back in the classroom.  That’s when they banded together to make a difference.

Driving Mrs. M GiveForward Video

The 3rd grade class, with the assistance of their parents, made a GiveForward account to help get Mrs. M driving again, and back in the classroom.  They created videos, organized fundraisers, raised awareness of the fundraiser. With their hard work, Mrs. M has been able to start rehabilitation and begin to drive!

With a new school year starting, the students know it will be a long path ahead, but they have learned that they can make a difference and change a life forever.

Learn more about Mrs. M and her students he

Did you have a teacher  change your life?  Have your students touched your heart? Please share your story below!

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