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Awesome Cancer Resources!


When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, our first thought is often, “How can I help?” We go online looking for answers, and we hope to find information we can share that will make it all seem a bit less scary. Cancer resources are hard to find. Often we start with the immediate needs our loved one might have, like paying for treatment or local support groups in the area, but a quick Google search for a simple need yields thousands of results, only some of which are relevant to the cancer patient we love. So we spend hours sifting through a sea of information meant to be helpful and end up feeling more confused and helpless than when we started.

My Health Sensei, a new website launched last month, has set out to change this and make knowing where to look for resources much easier. The site provides a comprehensive list of the resources cancer patients need to truly live their lives during treatment and provides ratings and reviews of those resources from people who have been through it before. The best part? Resources are organized into categories that make sense for someone going through cancer. We checked out the site and created a breakdown of the types of resources you can find in each category on My Health Sensei:

Whole Patient Support Resources…

This section of My Health Sensei deals with resources related to everything from diagnosis to remission. Organizations in this category focus on appearance, sex/intimacy issues, counseling (including family and relationship), finding local support groups, legal advice, survivorship and more.

Financial Support…

Costs associated with cancer treatment and diagnosis is not cheap. This section of My Health Sensei includes co-pay assistance programs, prescription assistance, organizations that offer free flights/hotel to treatment, and even resources related to finding free or inexpensive wigs and scarves.

People Like Me…

This section is unique as it outlines resources that pertain to one-on-one support, mentors, and support for the caregivers. Resources in this section focus on treating each cancer patient as an individual and include Smart Patients- an online community where patients/caregivers can learn about clinical trials/treatment to become better educated on options, and The National LGBT Cancer Network whose mission is to improve the lives of LGBT people as well as provide advocacy in national cancer organizations.

That Exists?

One of the most exciting categories is the one that features resources most cancer patients would never know existed, such as YogaBear, which helps cancer patients find free yoga classes in their cities or Cleaning for a Reason a non-profit that provides free housecleaning services to anyone undergoing chemotherapy in both Canada and the U.S.

Treatment Options…

While My Health Sensei doesn’t list doctors or hospitals where you can get treatment, they do highlight alternative support in the form of resources like the Rapunzel Project, which helps women do cold cap therapy to prevent hair loss during chemo.

General Cancer Info…

If you’re interested in organizations that are at the forefront of research, education and advocacy, this category helps you find the best organizations to work with to show your support and help grow awareness for the type of cancer that matters most to you.

Whether you are a cancer patient, a caregiver or just a friend, GiveForward is a part of your support team and we hope that you’ll check out My Health Sensei can to find more amazing resources that can join with your in the battle against cancer

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