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Online Fundraising: Where does the money go?

Posted on 9/10/2012 by Cate Conroy

Online fundraising with sites like GiveForward has become an amazing resource for people to rally a community together in the wake of a tragedy like the Colorado shooting.  But the power of online fundraising can also raise some concerns.  Recently, families of the victims of the shooting have asked a very legitimate question – why... Read more

How to Talk to School Parents About Your Child’s Differences

Posted on 9/4/2012 by Cate Conroy

Starting school can be a difficult experience for parents & kids, but it can be even more challenging when your child is considered different.  We wanted to share this great post by our friend Jen Reeves, blogger at Born Just Right, on how she deals with the questions that come with the start of the... Read more

How to Help Victims of the Colorado Shooting

Posted on 7/30/2012 by Cate Conroy

When a crisis occurs, many people ask what they can do to help.  Recently, we’ve seen more and more people turning to sites like GiveForward to send support in the wake of a tragedy like the shootings in Colorado.  We have been so moved by the stories of heroism and the outpouring of support from... Read more

Finding Strength: The Story Of A Breast Cancer Survivor

Posted on 7/27/2012 by Cate Conroy

Carissa is a 25-year-old breast cancer survivor and grateful recipient of a GiveForward fundraiser. A University of Colorado graduate, Carissa now lives in Minneapolis with her boyfriend, Jamin. I imagine that all cancer patients remember the moment they were diagnosed with impeccable clarity. That moment – the official delivery of such dreaded news – is so distinct... Read more

My GiveForward Experience: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Fundraise Online

Posted on 7/24/2012 by Cate Conroy

Guest post by Karen Spies. Karen is an entrepreneur and mother of two. She currently co-owns Alquemie Studios, a mobile app development shop in Boulder Colorado. When I went to the doctor and heard that I had to have an emergency hysterectomy in 4 weeks, I was beyond panicked. I had been self-employed single mom scraping... Read more

Fundraising Online With The New GiveForward Dashboard

Posted on 7/24/2012 by Cate Conroy

Online fundraising just got a whole lot easier with the new GiveForward Dashboard.  Here is a quick look at how the new features will make fundraising easier:                           Or check out these handy videos to walk you through the new look to our... Read more

5 Ways to Support Cancer Patients

Posted on 6/26/2012 by Cate Conroy

Guest post by cancer survivor Elise Silverfield May “I am a two-time cancer survivor and am determined not to let my illnesses define me.  My greatest joy is being a mom to my amazing teenage son.”  When a friend is diagnosed with cancer, our tendency is to jump into “helper” mode. Since we can’t actually fight cancer... Read more

Help After House Fire

Posted on 6/20/2012 by Cate Conroy

Assistance after a house fire can take a long time, and rarely provide adequate help.  Mark and Leslie Wharton know this far too well.  The two carpenters literally built a home together 19 years ago near Fort Collins, Colorado. They lived there happily, kayaking, climbing and hiking, until a recent fire took their home.  “We built... Read more

How to Help a Friend With Cancer

Posted on 6/18/2012 by Cate Conroy

Oftentimes the most valuable thing you can offer a friend battling cancer is your friendship- simply being present can be an extraordinary gift and provide those facing the illness new found comfort. Below is amazing advice on “how to help a friend with cancer” from cancer survivor Elise Silverfield. In Elise’s own words, “I am... Read more

How To Cross The Street: A Tutorial From Lou

Posted on 6/15/2012 by Cate Conroy

Yesterday, we met an amazing little guy named ‘Lou.  ‘Lou is 4 & 1/2 years old, and has 4 big siblings who look out for him.  Sometimes ‘Lou needs someone to help him, especially when he is eating. ‘Lou was born with with severe food allergies, and it makes eating very difficult (and expensive, click... Read more

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