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Ann’s Ovarian Cancer Story

Ann's Alternative Healing Journey

What did you feel when you were diagnosed with cancer? This is a question we often ask when learning about someone’s battle with cancer. Cancer diagnoses typically lead to shock, grief, sadness, etc., but what do you feel when you receive the diagnosis more than once? How do you make sense of this, knowing you beat the cancer, but it came back? When we asked Ann this question, this is what she said,“Because this was the second time in 6 years I had received a cancer diagnosis, I went through many different inner emotions upon learning it had returned.  I felt numb and depressed.  Nevertheless, until the surgery, I carried the hope that my tumor was, “Borderline”; according to my surgeon, one of the easiest of the ovarian tumors to cure.  Still, there was a little niggle of worry in the back of my mind, especially when the day before surgery my doctor told me he might have to snip my bladder.  So, later, when I learned that there were many tumors, some of which still reside in my abdomen, I was shocked, but perhaps not as surprised as I might have been.”

Having the cancer come back just builds on the hardships that Ann faced through the first battle. As she continues her battle with ovarian cancer, we asked her to share some of the hardships she is faced with. “At this point, knowing that there are many small tumors in my abdomen and that they are leaking fluid, being positive about the outcome of treatment is my deepest challenge.”

So how does Ann deal with all of this? Support. A support system is the number one way to find comfort and motivation to keep fighting. Ann shared with us her greatest form of comfort,” Now that we have chosen a treatment center and now that we are receiving financial help through our GiveForward fundraiser, I am able to rest more easily and to believe that I can come out of this experience on a positive note.”

rememberOne of the most important things to know when going through a tough time is learning how to accept help. Ann provided her advice for others when it comes to help, “Trust that those who love you will come forward to help you; to catch you if you fall; to hold your hand when you are afraid; and to lift your spirits when you feel as though you have no hope.  Remember, after the darkest night comes the brightest day.  There is always Hope.”

This world has a lot of amazing people in it, and sometimes those amazing people provide light for us during our difficult moments. We asked Ann what the best thing that someone did for her during a tough time was. She shared,” In my recent cancer journey, there have been so many nice things that have happened to me.  First and foremost, the help of my youngest daughter when we realized we needed a fundraiser to be able to go to any treatment center at all.  For my husband and I, she has been a miracle in this endeavor. Second when I had my surgery, my husband was out of town. We knew about the surgery, but not when it would take place. So he took the chance and left. It was a difficult decision, but because of the importance of the journey, I encouraged him to leave. It was unbelievably nice when, the day after my surgery, friends came from everywhere to visit with me and to stay with me both day and night at the hospital.  I was truly blessed.”

Due to Ann being re-diagnosed, she was faced with the decision of treatment. She shared with us how she went through the decision to turn down chemotherapy and seek alternative treatment from a center in the Amazon. Ann said, “Having received chemotherapy once before, I knew I never wanted that experience again.  It left my immune system unprotected, my toes with neuropathy, and a constant battle with inflammation.  Having watched three seasons of Tye Bollinger’s ‘Quest for the Cure’ I learned much about people who were cured through alternative therapies.  I soon found myself thinking about cancer without the constant fear of another episode.  Though it was quite difficult to surmount all the frowns and “tsk tsk’s” from the medical community here after my diagnosis, I made the decision not to take another round of chemotherapy.  But then, as I researched the alternative therapies, I found many of them far out of my financial reach.  During the search, I met a woman who had attended the Amazon treatment center some years ago after she had been diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer and told there was no more to be done for her.  She is now completely healed. This Amazonian center in Peru is more affordable than many treatment centers, especially now with the help of my GiveForward friends. It is a known fact that many Amazon herbs are anti-cancer.  I look forward to being in the Amazon treatment center, working with acupuncture, diet change, spiritual work and those many Amazonian herbs to help move me into healing.”

If you would like to stay up to date on Ann’s Ovarian Cancer Story, as well as her journey through alternative treatment in the Amazon, you can check out Ann’s GiveForward Page. Her daughter has stated that she will be posting pictures and updates, as she will be in the Amazon with her mother throughout this journey.

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