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Andre’s Prostate Cancer Story

Andre and his daughter

Andre, who is forty-seven years old, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He found out it was genetic, and he is undergoing treatments that could last two years or longer. Andre opened up and shared his journey with prostate cancer, as well as advice for others going through similar situations.

When diagnosed, you can be scared, shocked, even numb. Andre shared what he felt when he received the diagnosis from his doctor, “As I sat there and heard the diagnosis, it seemed as though I was entering into the twilight zone. I mean I zoomed in on the doctors mouth and in slow motion I heard the word ((C_A_N_C_E_R)). I felt vulnerable but determined I was not going to let cancer beat me. I was going to fight.”

With cancer comes a whole lot of fighting. Fighting the cancer itself, all its side effects, the treatment side effects, the financial burden, and so much more. Andre opened up about the struggles he’s had since being diagnosed, “Honestly my hardships with this has been some of the procedures and the fact that I don’t want to let my kids down. I promised them that I would go out and create wealth for my family and I intend on doing so! I don’t want to depart this world without keeping my promise to them.”

Hardships mean you need to have a support system to fall on makes everything easier. Andre shared his support with us, “My greatest support has been my Mom and My Fiancé. I also have a wonderful support group of friends. Just when I think the donations on my page have stopped, I have a new crop that begin the push all over again. Plus, I’m a media guy, I own my own media company, so I’m always posting positive, encouraging videos about how I’m whooping cancers butt!”

Andre’s positive attitude towards his fight is inspiring. He shared with us some of his inspiration to stay motivated during this battle, “My advice is that I put my trust in God. I also believe and convinced myself I am a winner. Changing my diet and having positive energy around me as much as possible, keeps me in good spirit and in good health. Get in the ring and fight, and if you are to depart at least you go out swinging!!!”

If you would like to learn more about Andre’s prostate cancer story, you can check out his GiveForward page here.


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