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Albena’s Colon Cancer Story

Albena and her daughter

“I felt a combination of emotions. A great sorrow and a complete shock. I stayed strong in front of my wife, Albena, but then I was often crying like a baby when she and the kids couldn’t see me. I mean she is just 38 years old and she stopped breastfeeding our younger daughter Evelyn just a few days before the medical tests. Then someone told me that that I shouldn’t be sad, but instead I should remain strong and positive for my wife,” Kalin, Albena’s husband, shared about receiving Albena’s diagnosis of colon cancer.

The hardships that accompany cancer can sometimes be crippling. Being able to find help to combat those hardships can be the key to battling this awful disease. Kalin shared some of the hardships that he and his family face, as well as how they find comfort during this fight, “A major handicap is to organize quickly and to find the best doctors and the best treatment plan. This is a great challenge and we have been unsuccessful so far. There are many hospitals and non-profits out there, but nobody seems to offer a cancer patient coordinator who can help you to organize and take meaningful steps. Another things are the extra help you need at home and with the kids. The extra expenses for insurance copays, healthier nutrition, supplements, transportation and so many other things. The greatest comfort are our two kids, Michelle and Evelyn, and the positive attitude of my wife. She maintains a high spirit, which is very helpful for all of us.”

In addition, Kalin shared some advice for others to help them in this fight. No one should have to fight alone, and Kalin shared, “It helps if people believe in our good lord Jesus Christ, our savior and redeemer. Also, talking with cancer survivors and good, encouraging people helps. It’s very difficult to say anything, because I am not the one going through this. I think that it is always better to remain positive, to try to live every day, every hour to the fullest, to connect to friends and people, to try to experience positive emotions.”

Finally, we asked Kalin about his support. Letting people help during this life altering time can mean a lot. People want to help! Kalin shared one of the most impactful forms of support that his wife has gotten throughout this journey, “My wife has a girlfriend who writes her encouraging letters and also organized a party in her honor. Albena was very touched by that.”

If you would like to learn more about Albena’s fight with cancer and updates on her colon cancer story, you can check out her GiveForward page here.

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