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5 random acts of kindness to inspire you

Random acts of kindness (or unexpected joyas we call them at GiveForward) remind us that people are fundamentally good and want to help each other.

Here are five of our favorite stories that show the true power of random acts of kindness. We hope these examples inspire you to create unexpected joy for someone in your life and remind you that no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. 


1. Billy Ray’s Kindness is Rewarded

Sarah Darling accidentally dropped her engagement ring into the change cup of a homeless man named Billy Ray Harris. Instead of selling Sarah’s ring, Billy Ray returned it a few days later. To repay Billy Ray for his good deed, Sarah’s husband, Bill, started a GiveForward Page and raised $191,745. This money changed Billy Ray’s life — he was able to both reunite with his family and buy a home.


After a random act of kindness changed Billy Ray’s life, he flew to New York City to appear on the Today Show.

2. Police Officers Create Unexpected Holiday Joy 

Police officers in Lowell, Michigan performed random acts of kindness during traffic stops in December. When questioning drivers, officers asked them what items they and their families wanted for the holidays. In the meantime, volunteers quickly bought gifts at a local store. Finally, the police officers surprised each driver with the items on their lists — instead of speeding tickets.

3. Batkid Takes on Gotham City 

On November 15th, 2013, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the city of San Francisco teamed up to fulfill five-year-old Miles’s wish. San Francisco transformed into Gotham City and Miles saved the day by rescuing a damsel in distress and stopping The Riddler from robbing a bank. Now, one of the world’s favorite random acts of kindness is a documentary titled “Batkid Begins.”


Make-A-Wish and San Francisco pulled off one of the best random acts of kindness ever. Photo: Make-A-Wish

4. Driving “Mrs. M”

After developing sepsis, a serious blood infection, third-grade teacher Anne Mekalian lost both her arms and legs. When her students learned what happened, they teamed up to create a GiveForward Page in “Mrs. M’s” honor. Anne’s students raised over $21,000, which helped her buy a car, regain her independence, and return to school.

5. Van Receives a Special Surprise 

Van Fronhofer suffered a traumatic brain injury after a freak accident in October 2012. After a long hospital stay, Van’s family adapted their home into a rehabilitation center, but they were missing one key piece of equipment: a stand-in table. So the GiveForward Team visited  the Fronhofers’ home to deliver the table and surprise Van’s wife, Laurel.

Random acts of kindness, however big or small, can change the course of someone’s day. Whose world will you change today?

whose world will you change




Whose world will you change?