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5 Lessons From Cancer

Lessons From Cancer #1 Keep Friends CloseCancer doesn’t come with a lesson plan as Meggan Janota knows well.  Meggan has been battling breast cancer since 2009 and recently learned she had developed brain tumors.   She shared with us 5 lessons from cancer.

1) The numbcer 1 thing cancer taught me was don’t sweat the small stuff!!!!  I just always know that I have bigger fish to fry.  When you are staring cancer in the face, a bad traffic jam or a bad day at work seems minute.  It’s almost a relief!

2) I also appreciate the small joys in life.  The winter that I had full brain radiation I thought, “why should I even get out of bed this morning??” It was freezing outside, I had no hair, it was dark and I had to drive to the hospital for treatment then to work.  But then I thought, I’m hungry….that will at least get me out of a bed…then I will make myself a good breakfast and a hot coffee.  I started with that, and put one leg in front of the other each day.  So my lesson from cancer has been to appreciate a beautiful fall day, a cold beer, a great laugh!

3) I’ve always been close to my wonderful friends and family, but now we are even closer.  Nothing like a horrible event to really make everyone rally and come together!  I couldn’t have gotten through these past 3 years without them, we support each other every step of the way.

4) I don’t worry about age!!  Cancer taught me that I’ll take every year I can get!  It’s just a number anyway.  With each year for me comes knowledge and clarity.

5) My advice, If you have a friend going through cancer, do what you can to keep her inspired.  Leave messages and texts that keep her going in dark days.  Helping with the small things in her life so she can focus on the fight – helping with the house, and the chores, phone calls, errands.  I don’t know of a way to truly prepare for cancer, but having a great support system will definitely get her through, and she will come out on the other side with an amazing perspective! Remember lessons from cancer can also be lessons for life.

What are your lessons from cancer? We would love to hear them!

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