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3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Fundraising Page

As part of empowerment week at GiveForward, we will be providing our best fundraising tips to you!  After creating a GiveForward Fundraising page, here are the next three things you should do. 

A little extra elbow grease can really make your fundraising page shine.  Here are the first 3 things you should do to get your page ready to share & spread the word.

1)    Share a photo of your beneficiary.

Big, sunny, smiling photos are the best & feel free to share many of them! Proving a photo shows the world who will be benefitting from the fundraiser & can entice more people to share.  Choose photos that cover all aspects of life.  Share pictures of the family, pets, work environment, or a hobby that the beneficiary loves to do.  The friends of Linda shared old and new photos to creating a touching portrait of her family though the years.



2)    Link your page.    

Your beneficiary many be part of one of the many web communities that provide support and medical advice. Provide a link to your GiveForward fundraiser on these personal pages.  Websites like CaringBridge or LotsaHelpingHands can allow for great patient blogs and linking them to the GiveForward page creates a richer experience for supporters. Also, make sure to provide links to Facebook pages, hospital websites or pages with more information about their diagnosis.

3)    Write a letter (or email).

Share your GiveForward fundraising page with close family & friends first via email.  Write a personal email introducing your fundraiser & explaining why you started it. Emailing close family & friends can increase donations & get the ball rolling.

Where did you find the best photos to use for your online fundraiser? Did you find that writing a personal letter to increased donations? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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