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Fund raise: 3 New Ways to Share Your Fundraiser

Fund raising is easier when your community helps to share your story.  But how do you get your fundraiser in front of the right audiance? Here are 3 tips for getting your fundraiser in front of a larger audience.

1)     Start Local: Small and local media channels are a great first contact. These smaller stations often profile locals for human interest pieces or to notifications to the community.  Find a local newspaper, blog, radio or TV stations and get their email.  Send them a short and concise email telling your story and why you think the community would be interested.

Please note: don’t use these emails as spam. Ultimately, a producer or editor will make the final decision.  Shirley contacted 4 local radio stations before 2 published a direct link to her fundraiser on the web. Having the links on the radio’s websites allowed a new audience to see her mother’s story.


2)     Explain Your Uniqueness: Differentiate yourself or your

story by explain why your journey or treatment is unique.  Journalists will ultimately have to decide the newsworthiness or your story- so make it easy for them by using statistics and numbers.

Ashley is a beautiful and active 13-year-old.  When she became ill her doctors originally thought she had suffered a sports injury.  Using a local newspaper, he mother explained to her local community that Ashley’s diagnosis was significantly worse.  Ashley had a rare bone cancer, one that accounted for only 1% of all bone cancers. Her article can be found here:


3)      Seek Small Groups: Look at the clubs and organizations that you are involved in and ask for 5 minutes to share your story.   Contact the bulletin for your neighborhood or church and ask for a small bit of copy.  Finally, look to hyper-local online news sites such as Patch. These communities specialize in local news, sometimes down to the neighborhood.  It can be a great way to engage local neighbors.

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