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Dia’s Battle with Leukemia Story


“Dia is only 31 years old but she’s lucky to have a huge family and support system behind her while she fights this. She hasn’t been able to spend time with her daughter and it’s difficult for her to deal with. Although they facetime throughout the day, it’s not the same as having her close and physically spending time with her. Dia has a bubbly personality, an easy laugh and an amazing sense of humor and even though cancer is taking a toll on her, her sparkling personality still shines through. She has a great team of doctors and nurses at Mount Sinai and we are beyond thankful to them,” shared Anna, Dia’s cousin.

Dia is currently battling leukemia, but she isn’t in this fight alone, as you can tell. With her communities support, and an awesome hospital team, she is fighting so she can beat cancer and be back with her daughter. Dia opened up and shared some of her story with us!

Cancer can cause plenty of difficulties and hardships in someones life, and those things can make the fight to win even harder. Dia shared, “One of the hardest things has been not being able to spend time with my 3 year old daughter. I was diagnosed on her birthday and have been in the hospital since then. Obviously not what we had been planning to do with our day. I miss being able to play with her and kiss and squeeze her!”

These hardships are best battled with one thing, support. Support is what you can count on, and those people can come from anywhere, but often times they are friends and family. “The support I have received from all of my family and friends is what has helped give me strength through this. Knowing I have so many people who are with me every step of the way means the world to me and motivates me,” Dia shared.

So, with support and motivation, Dia is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to cancer. With everything that she is going through, you can assume she’s strong and isn’t going down without a fight. We asked her if she had any inspirational quotes for others, and she shared, “‘I’m going to kick cancer in the ass’ :).”

If you would like to learn more about Dia’s leukemia story, you can check out her GiveForward page here.

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